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There are few things that bring as much clarity and peace as the ocean.


On the Dardanella they offer the gift of immersing guests in the healing power of pristine nature.

Weaving together the ancient philosophies of yoga and meditation, alongside the most current research based health and wellbeing practices to design a program that will leave you rested, vibrant and thriving.

Whether you are in need of an indulgent retreat, once in a lifetime adventure or a deep realignment of the soul the crew of the Dardanella will tailor make a unique experience to suit your every need.

See a selection of our sample itineraries below.

Get in touch to discuss your bespoke journey to wellbeing. 

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The Alchemy of Experience.

Ayumi has spent much of her life dedicated to adventure, discovery and growth.

From living in the mountains of the Himalayas to the Zen Temples of Kyoto, along every journey she has slowly gathered together a basket of skills. These journeys and trainings have enabled her to offer a broad range of experiences tailored to integrate and expand wellbeing knowledge and practices. Through yoga, Pilates, massage and handcrafted workshops Ayumi thrive's on making positive, personally tailored practices to optimise progress for people of any level, capability & interest.

Combining the latest science based research with ancient practices she can create an all level holistic experience.
She believes wholeheartedly that we are all unique instruments of Alchemy, alchemising our individual experiences of life and expressing this into the world.

Ayumi teaches internationally, inspiring people to fine tune their instrument, and to play it unapologetically within the symphony of the universe.

"The sea cures all ailments of man"






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Designed around your itinerary, combining high intensity workouts, cleansing yogic practices, supported intermittent fasting and a light nourishing menu to leave you feeling lighter, leaner and in love with life.

Sample Day:


8 am              Cleansing yogic techniques


8:15 am        45min dynamic workout 


9 am              Detox juice/tea


9:30 am       First dive / surf / tender safari

12 pm            Nourishing lunch to break the fast


1 pm               Second dive / surf / tender safari


4 pm              60 min yoga flow


5 pm              Massage


7 pm              Nutritious evening meal


A bespoke itinerary designed to weave around your planned adventures whether it be pre-surf yoga, post diving stretch or relaxing massage we will tailor each day to seamlessly enhance every experience.

Sample Day:


7 am ​                 Sunrise yoga


8:30 am            Nourishing breakfast


10 am                 First dive / surf / tender                                    safari


12 pm                 Light lunch


1:30pm              Second dive / surf / tender                                safari


4 pm                  Massage / meditation /  yoga


7 pm                   Nourishing evening meal



A fully immersive transformative retreat combining yoga, meditation, workshops and specially designed menus. With each element of the day uniquely programmed to bring guests back into their fullest most vibrant selves. Each workshop will be hand picked in accordance with the guests needs and wishes.

Sample Day:

8 am            Cleansing techniques and morning                                        journaling


8:30am       Morning yoga


10am            Nourishing breakfast


11am             Dive / surf / tender safari / cultural trip


1pm              Nourishing lunch

2pm             Afternoon wellness workshop


4pm             Massage


6pm             Evening meal


8pm             Evening meditation and journaling

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