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Meet the Crew

Dardanella's impressive Captain and crew are a hand selected team of the industries finest.  The extensive experience of the crew and their genuine enthusiasm and embodiment of the adventure lifestyle gives an exceptionally welcoming and authentic environment for even the most intrepid of journeys. 


Piot Rachlewski


Born in Poland and raised in Cape Town, South Africa. Piot grew up around the ocean and started sailing competitively at a young age. He has been committed professionally to yachting for the past 15 years, over this period he has worked on a wide variety of yachts,  ranging from small composite race boats to large Super Yachts and wooden classics. Yachting has taken Piot around the world a few times, through the Atlantic, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Pacific, North Sea, Indonesia and SE Asia. Piot's unparalleled character create's an atmosphere rarely found in Super Yachting and will lead you on adventures you couldn't have imagined in your wildest dreams. 

Anouk Linschoten

Chief Stewardess

Anouk is from the Netherlands and started sailing when she was 10 years old. She spent most of her time around the water and has worked since a young age in hospitality. After her study in hospitality management she found a way to combine her two biggest passions and joined the yachting industry in 2014. Anouk's vibrance, authenticity and genuine love of her job brings a smile to every guests face.



First Mate

Born on a wine farm in a small village (Franschhoek), near the coast of South Africa, Calvin was raised around the ocean and in the African outdoors. Stemming from a competitive fishing background he has been around boats from a very young age, committing to professional yachting since 2015. Calvin holds a Yacht-Master 200gt Captains license and is a PADI Dive- Master. Calvin thrives on the excitement of adventure. No one will make you feel more safe and taken care of than Calvi.



Matteo is a cheerful, happy and caring Italian chef who grew up in the city of Naples. Matteo has been cooking with his family from a young age and naturally a passion for food was born. Since 2011 Matteo has been traveling extensively, working in restaurants and on super yachts. Today he is familiar with cuisines worldwide including; European, Central- and South American, Caribbean and the South-Pacific. Matteo speaks Italian, Spanish, French and English. 



Wellbeing Facilitator

Ayumi's extensive travels and trainings have enabled her to offer a broad range of experiences tailored to integrate and expand wellbeing knowledge and practices. Whether it's a simple daily program of yoga and massage or a fully lead wellbeing retreat Ayumi can enhance any itinerary. Through yoga, Pilates, massage and handcrafted workshops Ayumi thrives on making positive, personally tailored practises to optimise progress for people of any level, capability and interest. 



Charlie is an American from the state of Maine. He grew up in a family of mechanics working on cars and motorbikes and eventually developed a taste for travel and adventure. Charlie toured playing guitar in a band, has backpacked and surfed all over the world, ski bummed in the Rockies, motorbiked across the Himalayas, rafted the Grand Canyon and finally found a way to combine his passions when he entered yachting and began his career as an engineer working on super yachts. He has a degree in welding and fabrication and keeps Dardanella running smoothly and safely.



Second Stewardess

Natalie grew up in Eastbourne on the beautiful coast of New Zealand’s capital city, Wellington. She spent a lot of her time after high school overseas doing Outdoor Summer camps with kids, Skiing in Canada and Backpacking through Asia. Nat loves travelling, meeting new people and expanding her knowledge within the hospitality industry along the way. Hence why when she discovered yachting in 2019 it became an instant passion and she hasn’t looked back since! 



Born and raised between Barcelona and Mallorca, while studying Engineering, Roberto has lived always close to the water. Diving, surfing and kitesurfing, he has travelled around the world enjoying the adventure of learning new sports and exploring the world. After becoming a Dive Master in South East Asia, he began his career in the yachting industry to live both of his passions: sailing and diving.

Always ready to learn and have fun, Roberto looks for action everywhere he goes. Passionate about living on the sea while meeting new cultures and people, he has spent the last 5 years on Superyachts around the globe.

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